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Hi, I'm Andrew.

By day, I'm a product leader at Google (and Facebook alum), startup advisor and investor, community builder, and writer.

By night, I create unique experiences to bring together the most extraordinary tech leaders, change-makers, and builders. In the last 2 years, I've produced 100+ events for 15,000+ founders, operators, and investors in 6 cities.

2 years ago, I moved to NYC during the peak of the pandemic, one of the loneliest, most isolating periods in the history of the nation. So I started bringing strangers together––and what started off as small, 8-person dinners evolved into 2,000+ person “tech parties”.

My events were featured on Business InsiderBloomberg, Fortune Magazine, Morning Brew, DeCential Media, and twice on Jason Calacanis’ "This Week in Startups" podcast.

The community is a group of brilliant, kind, and fascinating humans who are world-class at what they do. They’re C-suite executives and leaders at the world’s most prominent companies, olympic athletes, notable entrepreneurs, award-winning creatives, renowned authors, and so forth.

I also advise and support founders. I send a monthly deal-flow newsletter to 400+ investors at funds like a16z, Greycroft, and Sequoia, helping hundreds of founders raise millions of dollars. And I run a talent collective to help hundreds of job-seekers connect with companies.

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I write and speak about about career development, personal growth, leadership, community building, and event production.

I've also been featured on publications like Bloomberg, Fortune, and Morning Brew.

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(Full list of my press appearances here)

If you're interested in partnering with me for writing, speaking, and event opportunities, contact me below.

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